Welcome to the site!

Welcome, welcome to our new website. We’ve been working on it for the last week or so, and its great to finally have a place to post all of our stuff. On the site you flip through photo galleries, watch videos, stream music, and follow all our blog updates, see show postings and more!

Here is a sample of a demo we recorded of one of our new song. This is one of the many new songs we’ve been working on for our new full length. Unfortunately Kendra wasn’t there and this is a take with no vocals, but it sounds pretty cool for a live off the floor recording in a 170 square foot room with 3 guitars, drums and bass mixed by our very own JD Norwood. Hope you dig it.

So please spread the word about the new website on facebook, twitter or what have you.

Also here is a download link for some free songs as well www.petevandyk.com/download.



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