Live Album, Label ect.!!

Hey Everyone

So the live album that we recorded on January 27/2012 at the Casbah in Hamilton is slated for release in March 2012. It will be a free download available online as well, physical copies will be availalble for purchase at shows ect. We hope to have more details on the release date and the show that will coincide with it so stay tuned.

Also the live album will be the first release on mine and Zac’s new label “Terraplane Records”. The show in March where we release the live album will also be the launch of the label so make sure you check back soon for updates or follow us on twitter. We have a bunch more exciting stuff planned as well as some videos that will be released in tandem with the live CD and a few other treats.

The new promos will aslo be up soon from our good friend Michael Wickens.

Ed, Zac and I along with pops are off to Deep Purple tonight.




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