New EP, Toronto show at Rancho Relaxo, ect.

Hey everybody,

We have been pretty the last couple weeks recording, what was supposed to be 2 songs for a grant application turned into 5 songs and an EP. Scott and JD really got cooking a few Saturdays back and while we originally intended on only recording 2 songs, they really got going and were able to track 5 songs. Edward and I have been in the studio/space with JD the last week and a bit, now recording guitars. I’ve finished most of my guitars now, so Edward is doing his rythym and getting ready to track his leads and solos. That only leaves vocals and maybe some piano. The EP will have 4 brand new tunes, that all came together and were arranged with this lineup of the band and its something we are all pretty proud of. It also includes a newer cover we have been doing as part of our set.

If your in the Toronto area come on out to Rancho Relaxo at 300 College St West at Spadina on Thursday June 21 for 5$ at the door.  You can also grab a copy of our live ep – Live at the Casbah.

Finally we’ve got some pretty solid friends making music as well so be sure to check them out.

Our pal Mike Wickens and his new venture CUBS

Zachary Aasman and his haunting country/folk at that also features the illustrious Ryan Barwin on pedal steel

And of course Travis, Kara, Ty and Rebel, Rebel



 Also if you havent already, listen to either Jimi Hendrix “Band of Gypsys”  or “Live at the Filmore” albums and have a good night.

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