Telephone EP

Hey Everybody

So as I’m typing this up we are pretty busy with recording and setting up some new videos. I just heard a mix of “Stay Gold” with vocals that is going to be on the Homegrown Hamilton special vinyl release in September, JD finished a mix on it last night and then flys out west for a week. In the meantime we will be prepping a couple of videos for release. The first one being a teaser/trailer for the EP out soon and then another full on music video out in Sept . Our pal James Maunder, the guy responsible for will be producing and directing it for us, we were out last night checking the footage for the trailer and scouting locations for the video. As far as official details go we will be releasing our new EP – “Telephone EP” in September 2012 and the video will debut along side the EP. The EP is going to consist of 4 brand new tunes and a bonus cover that will be included with the digital download.

Stay tuned and up todate by following us and also download our FREE live ep at

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