Details on our new EP Telephone

Our new EP Telephone comes out on October 1st. It’s a pretty exciting time and we all have been working pretty hard this summer during the nights and weekends to get it sounding just right, especially JD also handling the mixing/engineering/production of the songs too.

The final track listing for the Telephone EP will be:

-Stay Gold


-Devil has a Daughter

-Evil Intentions

The EP will be available on our bandcamp site and iTunes for 4$ as well as at these final local record stores – Dr Disc, Cheapies – Hamilton, Looney Tunes – Burlington, Soundscapes – Toronto.

We took a bit of time working on this EP, being the first “studio” EP we had recorded as a band, it sounds tight, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.  Also in addition to the EP coming out October 1st, we will be posting a brand new song from it called “Evil Intentions” tomorrow (Sept 17) and also a music video fro Telephone – currently being edited by James Maunder will be up sometime in October.

Also in October we have some awesome Hamilton and Toronto release shows planed with Exhale Promotions.

Heres the cover:

Also here is a teaser for the EP shot by James

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