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Music Video, Radio Interview, Reviews and More!!!!

Last week we wrapped shooting the music video for our new tune “Rise the Falling Sun”, the single and video will be released in early spring in partnership with Cobalt Connects, a Hamilton based arts organization that gave us a $1000 grant to work on the video. All video shooting & editing will be handled by our pal James Maunder at

We also did an interview with the Topless Burrito Bar on / 94.9FM out of Hudson Valley, New York. You can stream/download the podcast here

We will have some behind the scenes photo and video going up on the site soon, but for now you can check out a bunch of photos on our facebook page at

Heres a couple links to a review of the Telephone EP from Velvet Rope Magazine out of Guelph and some radio chart activity on 99.1FM out of Windsor/Detroit


Guitar on Fire, Music Video and New Music

Greetings from Second Hand Band Land

We had a smokin’ weekend playing at Homegrown Hamilton with our blues brothers Beard. We played some new songs, and Ed walked outside of bar with his 50 ft guitar cord and set his guitar on fire and then played a solo, all in all a pretty heavy night.

We also spent a few nights last week shooting our music video for our new tune “Rise the Falling Sun”, our friends from Cobalt Connects who supplied us with the grant to make the video were also on hand helping out. We shoot at the Baltimore House and Porcelain Records, both in Hamilton and we will be posting some behind the scenes photo/video soon.

Were also done recording “Rise the Falling Sun” and are working on a bunch of new tunes still for the full length due out later this year.

Check us out on facebook for more info/updates/ect


Recording a single, shooting a new music video

We’re almost done recording our new song “Rise the Falling Sun”, going in tonight to track Ed’s solo and then were recording vocals on Saturday. Were also starting to shoot the music video over the weekend and finishing shooting hopefully next week. This weekend will we start the shooting at the Baltimore House, and next week at Porcelain Records. We hope to post some “behind the scenes” photos along the way so stay tuned.


Music Video Grant & Full Length on the way!!

Hey Everybody!

We got some awesome news yesterday that we are one of the 4 reciepeients of the Cobalt Connects Music Video Grant for $1000, we partnered with our friend and videographer James Maunder in our application, and it will feature a song of the Telephone EP.

We also had a meeting last week with some very cool people who we are going to be working on a full length with. We have been at the jamspace every other day working on new material, we have about 18 songs in various stages of completion, that we will be adding to, and paring down by the time it comes to put them down on tape. We will have more news on this in the next couple weeks so stay tuned.

There is going to be a video blog coming your way sooner than later too!




November and the things it brings – News!

Hey Everybody

November was a fun month for us, the Telephone video has been getting a great response, and was picked up by Alan Cross on his blog.

We played the Baltimore House for the first time with some other awesome blues acts, and were at the Casbah for a Hamilton Music Awards show, we also attended the HMA reception which was an awesome time (free steamwhistle). Congrats to all this yrs winners!

We’ve got a few things cooking for December and the new year. A cover we recorded of a Beatles tune will be going up soon. Were also planning another video with our pal James Maunder. There will be a Toronto show coming in December as well, and we’ve got a bunch of new tunes ready as well, who knows, maybe another EP sooner than later??

Our new EP “Telephone”

We are in a contest right now to open for the Trews in Barrie on Novmeber 8, 2012. You can vote once a day until November 1st.
Just click on the link below and then click the vote button.
<a href=””></a> <br>
Thanks for the support!
Official music video for our song “Telephone”. Shot by James Maunder. Hope you dig it.



We are happy to present our new EP “Telephone”
Check out the new tunes below!

Mark at Dr Disc took a picture of  the new window display for the new EP. Comes out Monday!
Available at:
Dr Disc – Hamilton
Cheapies – Hamilton
Looney Tunes – Burlington
<a href=”;current=TelephoneWindowDisplaey.jpg” target=”_blank”><img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”Photobucket”></a>

Telephone EP Teaser #1

Telephone EP Teaser #2

Details on our new EP Telephone

Our new EP Telephone comes out on October 1st. It’s a pretty exciting time and we all have been working pretty hard this summer during the nights and weekends to get it sounding just right, especially JD also handling the mixing/engineering/production of the songs too.

The final track listing for the Telephone EP will be:

-Stay Gold


-Devil has a Daughter

-Evil Intentions

The EP will be available on our bandcamp site and iTunes for 4$ as well as at these final local record stores – Dr Disc, Cheapies – Hamilton, Looney Tunes – Burlington, Soundscapes – Toronto.

We took a bit of time working on this EP, being the first “studio” EP we had recorded as a band, it sounds tight, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.  Also in addition to the EP coming out October 1st, we will be posting a brand new song from it called “Evil Intentions” tomorrow (Sept 17) and also a music video fro Telephone – currently being edited by James Maunder will be up sometime in October.

Also in October we have some awesome Hamilton and Toronto release shows planed with Exhale Promotions.

Heres the cover:

Also here is a teaser for the EP shot by James

Awesome ArtCrawl Show at Homegrown Hamilton – even more good times to come!!

First thanks to everyone who has checked out our teaser video for the new EP “Telephone” –

We had a great weekend playing Homegrown Hamilton with our pals Zachary Aasman and Cubs, and thanks to Tim at Homegrown for letting us put on the Art Crawl after party there, I’ve never seen it so packed there before!

We’ve got some great things coming up surrounding our new EP release such as a new music video, Hamilton and Toronto release shows, a spot in Hamilton Magazine and more.

Keep your eyes peeled for more stuff soon, and hopefully some photos from the show!


Telephone EP

Hey Everybody

So as I’m typing this up we are pretty busy with recording and setting up some new videos. I just heard a mix of “Stay Gold” with vocals that is going to be on the Homegrown Hamilton special vinyl release in September, JD finished a mix on it last night and then flys out west for a week. In the meantime we will be prepping a couple of videos for release. The first one being a teaser/trailer for the EP out soon and then another full on music video out in Sept . Our pal James Maunder, the guy responsible for will be producing and directing it for us, we were out last night checking the footage for the trailer and scouting locations for the video. As far as official details go we will be releasing our new EP – “Telephone EP” in September 2012 and the video will debut along side the EP. The EP is going to consist of 4 brand new tunes and a bonus cover that will be included with the digital download.

Stay tuned and up todate by following us and also download our FREE live ep at

Blaze Foley, Townes Van Zandt and news

Blaze Foley, Townes Van Zandt and news

i’ve been listening to alot of good songwriters lately, were just wrapping up the recording of the EP with Edward’s guitars, vocals and maybe some keys left to do.

the “Live at the Casbah” EP has charted on CJAM 99.1 out of Windsor/Detroit on the earshot college charts.
we got # 9 on the roots chart and #30 overall

we’ve got some summer shows coming in Toronto and Hamilton soon and the new EP should be out in late summer hopefully with a few videos too

do youself a favour tonight and listen to some Blaze Foley