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New EP, Toronto show at Rancho Relaxo, ect.

Hey everybody,

We have been pretty the last couple weeks recording, what was supposed to be 2 songs for a grant application turned into 5 songs and an EP. Scott and JD really got cooking a few Saturdays back and while we originally intended on only recording 2 songs, they really got going and were able to track 5 songs. Edward and I have been in the studio/space with JD the last week and a bit, now recording guitars. I’ve finished most of my guitars now, so Edward is doing his rythym and getting ready to track his leads and solos. That only leaves vocals and maybe some piano. The EP will have 4 brand new tunes, that all came together and were arranged with this lineup of the band and its something we are all pretty proud of. It also includes a newer cover we have been doing as part of our set.

If your in the Toronto area come on out to Rancho Relaxo at 300 College St West at Spadina on Thursday June 21 for 5$ at the door.  You can also grab a copy of our live ep – Live at the Casbah.

Finally we’ve got some pretty solid friends making music as well so be sure to check them out.

Our pal Mike Wickens and his new venture CUBS

Zachary Aasman and his haunting country/folk at that also features the illustrious Ryan Barwin on pedal steel

And of course Travis, Kara, Ty and Rebel, Rebel



 Also if you havent already, listen to either Jimi Hendrix “Band of Gypsys”  or “Live at the Filmore” albums and have a good night.

Recording, Factor, ect.

So right now were working away recording 5 new songs. 2 of them will be used for our FACTOR grant application, and the other 3 (2 new songs and 1 cover) will be released this summer on our website and will probably have some videos to go along with them, but we will have more details out on that later. We will also be back in Toronto June 21 at Rancho Relaxo with more details to come.


Live at the Casbah – Released!

Hey Everyone,

Live at the Casbah is released TODAY! Very exciting as it contains new material and a few older songs that we didn’t feel we had done justice to in the past. The purpose of this record is to basically capture a live show on disc, which is what we’ve done. Taking the first half of our January 27th show at the Casbah, we were able to give a good representation of our live show and put it out in EP format. It is being released for Pay-What-You-Can, that means $0 if your tight at the moment, or even $5 if you’ve got a bit of cash or anything in between. This album features the first recordings of J.D. and Scott with the band which we are very excited to finally get down! J.D. also recorded, mixed and mastered the whole  EP as well. 

Spread the word, send a tweet or throw us a Facebook status and download for free purely based on good karma!

But seriously,

If you go to 

1.Click Buy Now

2. Enter $0

3.Enter your email address

4.Select the audio format of your choice & download!!



Shows for March and April 2012

If your in the Hamilton/Toronto area, make sure you head out and catch some shows in March and April. We will be appearing with Zachary Aasman on a few dates, as well as a special St Patty’s show at the Doors Pub this weekend, and next week a Terraplane Records house show with Zachary Lucky.

March 17, 2012
The Doors Pub, Hamilton
St Patty’s Show- $10

March 20, 2012
Terraplane Records House Show,
Hamilton – $10
w/Zachary Aasman & Zachary Lucky

March 30, 2012
Music for Africa – Charity Show
The Movie Palace

April 5, 2012
The Casbah, Hamilton
w/Zachary Aasman & Diesel Dog

April 6, 2012
The Aspetta Caffe, Toronto
FREE – Solo Show

May 24, 2012
The Piston, Toronto
w/ Two Green Cats//$TBA

Sweet Home Chicago

Hey Everybody,

So as promised here is one of the tracks from our upcoming live EP available for your to stream. Once the whole album is done it will be available for pay what you can donation online. For now please enjoy the song streaming from our website and tell your friends! It is a cover of the Robert Johnson blues song “Sweet Home Chicago that he recorded in the 30’s with our modernized interpretation. Hope you dig it. Much thanks to JD for all the work mixing the new album and all his patience. The EP will be out late in March 2012, peace.

April 5th @ the Casbah – Live EP Release

So after a month or so of mixing and find tuning the details, our new EP “Pete Van Dyk & the Secon Hand Band at the Casbah” is nearly ready for release. The EP will feature 6 songs from our set January 27th at the Casbah in Hamilton. It’s going to be released in March 2012, with a CD release show April 5th at the Casbah in Hamilton with Zachary Aasman. The show will be $10 and will include a copy of the CD in the door price, it will also be available for donation based download on our website.

“Pete Van Dyk & the Second Hand Band at the Casbah” will also be the first release out on Ed, Zac and my new label – Terraplane Records.  Please check out the site and download the album for whatever price you choose when it comes out.

The live album also features our good friend, slide guitarist Ryan Barwin who guests on the album as well. Make sure your there for the show April 5th at the Casbah and stay tuned for the exact release date of the album.




Live Album, Label ect.!!

Hey Everyone

So the live album that we recorded on January 27/2012 at the Casbah in Hamilton is slated for release in March 2012. It will be a free download available online as well, physical copies will be availalble for purchase at shows ect. We hope to have more details on the release date and the show that will coincide with it so stay tuned.

Also the live album will be the first release on mine and Zac’s new label “Terraplane Records”. The show in March where we release the live album will also be the launch of the label so make sure you check back soon for updates or follow us on twitter. We have a bunch more exciting stuff planned as well as some videos that will be released in tandem with the live CD and a few other treats.

The new promos will aslo be up soon from our good friend Michael Wickens.

Ed, Zac and I along with pops are off to Deep Purple tonight.