Live at the Casbah

Hey Everyone,

Live at the Casbah is released TODAY! Very exciting as it contains new material and a few older songs that we didn’t feel we had done justice to in the past. The purpose of this record is to basically capture a live show on disc, which is what we’ve done. Taking the first half of our January 27th show at the Casbah, we were able to give a good representation of our live show and put it out in EP format. It is being released for Pay-What-You-Can, that means $0 if your tight at the moment, or even $5 if you’ve got a bit of cash or anything in between. All funds raised will go to put out another studio record this summer.

This album features the first recordings of J.D. and Scott with the band which we are very excited to finally get down! J.D. also recorded, mixed and mastered the whole  EP as well.

J.D. Norwood – Bass

Scott Carruthers – Drums

Ed Van Dyk – Guitar

Pete Van Dyk – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica


with: Bryan Kieft – Lead Guitar and special guest Ryan Barwin on Slide

Recorded live at the Casbah, 306 King St W, Hamilton, Ontario.

Spread the word, send a tweet or throw us a Facebook status and download for free purely based on good karma!

But seriously,

If you click the DOWNLOAD button on the right you will be routed to


1.Click Buy Now

2. Enter $0

3.Enter your email address

4.Select the audio format of your choice & download!!


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