Guitar on Fire, Music Video and New Music

Greetings from Second Hand Band Land

We had a smokin’ weekend playing at Homegrown Hamilton with our blues brothers Beard. We played some new songs, and Ed walked outside of bar with his 50 ft guitar cord and set his guitar on fire and then played a solo, all in all a pretty heavy night.

We also spent a few nights last week shooting our music video for our new tune “Rise the Falling Sun”, our friends from Cobalt Connects who supplied us with the grant to make the video were also on hand helping out. We shoot at the Baltimore House and Porcelain Records, both in Hamilton and we will be posting some behind the scenes photo/video soon.

Were also done recording “Rise the Falling Sun” and are working on a bunch of new tunes still for the full length due out later this year.

Check us out on facebook for more info/updates/ect


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